向こうから来た人が世田谷、東京、日本の生活を楽しんでいる (^_^)

Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday's English "A Day Off"

I was lucky and got the day off today. The only question is: to fish or not to fish?

Lately, the Katsuragawa has been disappointing. Just when the fishing gets good, the water turns muddy because of some boondoggle construction upstream near Tsuru-shi.

It's funny how the "Friday's English" posts are getting bigger and the Japanese posts are getting fewer and smaller...

I put off my morel hunting trip to Yamanashi until this weekend. But it looks like rain... Oh well, shikata ga nai. I've already made the car rental reservation and everything.

Thursday, April 27, 2006



Monday, April 24, 2006


ビールが好き人はもう知っているかも。。。良い店は池袋のTOBUデパートですね。今夜仕事の後、イギリス人の友達と一緒に池袋のHubへ飲みに行きました。その後、TOBUに行って、ドイツのDunkler Doppelbockを買っちゃった。ベルギーのビールも好きですね。最近友達がLeffe Radieuseを紹介して、Commentで批評したら、嬉しいです。^_^

Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday's English Banzai!!!

It looks like this weblog will pass 10,000 visitors tonight. Why do I keep writing? (Even though my Japanese is getting worse...) I don't know. But it's something to do!

Something else to do is to go drinking in Shinjuku with a friend, which I did tonight (we planned it a month ago -- see recent comments for context. ;-)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

"Poor Man's Moleskine" Part 2 (3?, Whatever...)

前、モールスキンについて書いたね。今日無印良品でデビューなノートを買っちゃった。今年釣れた魚のノートをずっと探していたが、これが良いかも。「パスポートメモ」と言うノートでございます。僕は赤いのを買った。(sorry for the terrible 日本語... I'm drinking whiskey... ;-)


今日15歳の生徒に教えました。ゲームしながら虹の英単語("rainbow")が出て、私は"somewhere over the rainbow"を少し歌って、そして「ね、ニジマスとかキツネの結婚式とか。。。」と言いました。キツネの結婚式??黒澤の「夢」を見た事があるから、そんな変な事を言いました。^_- もちろん生徒は「えっ???」と言いました。私、「日本の文化では、何かあるよね」と言って。「知らないの?ね、キツネの結婚式を見ちゃうダメ。見たら、ごめんなさいと言わなければ成らない。キツネはどこにあるか、虹の下へ行かなければ成らない事。。。」と言って。「違う?じゃ、nevermind!何もない!」

Rain falling from a clear sky — a sun shower — is sometimes called kitsune no yomeiri or "the kitsune's wedding," in reference to a folktale describing a wedding ceremony between the creatures being held during such conditions. The event is considered to be a good omen, but folklore states that it is an unfortunate person who witnesses the ceremony itself — the kitsune do not take kindly to uninvited guests and will seek revenge.

(from wikipedia)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


The Real Deal...秘密でしたが、2週間前ぐらいこのアブサンを買ちゃった。高いから、ちょっと恥ずかしい。でも本当においしいです!今週からとても忙しく成るから、買うのは今週末まで待ちたかった(自分から自分にのお疲れ様プレゼントみたいこと)。でも我慢できませんでした。。。ここでビデオを見れます

Sunday, April 16, 2006



Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday's English - Morels/Morals/Movies

1) Found my first gray morel of the year today!


2) Dangerous bicyclists in Tokyo? It's about time.


3) Here's a good movie. Why? It shows a perspective you don't always get. Amy Eccles is beautiful. The only bad thing is that the Japanese subtitles are crap. I feel sorry for Japanese people who rely on them, because they're often wrong or give the
wrong nuance.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006



Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday's English "A Swell Train Ride"

Yes, I had a swell train ride today. Not really, I'm being facetious... A "paper rustler" sat next to me. You know the type: and older Japanese guy who makes a lot of noise with his newspaper. But this guy today was great. First, he dropped down onto the seat (like children do), maybe trying to shake everybody else on the seat. Then he stands up and does it again -- drops down as violently as possible. Then he took out his newspaper and proceeded to beat, smack, fold, crease and otherwise punish his poor innocent newspaper, trying (I guess) to announce his presence to the other passengers by making as much noise as possible. Bad newspaper! (SMACK!) Bad newspaper! (RUSTLE...SMACK!) Tokyo is always exciting. ;-)

And Neco, on the Morel front, I saw several by Shinjuku Gyoen (not in the gardens, but around here, on the walkway just outside the gardens) today. They were a little old, not so fresh looking, but still interesting to find. (And to perplex people watching me, trying to figure out what the hell I was looking at.) ;-)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


去年の8月、日光の近くにある湯川で釣り券を買った時、この面白い鉛筆をもらいました -- pegcilと言います。細いですから、ノートにクリップをできる。便利な物だと思います。Tokyu Handsで一本20円ぐらい売っています。なお、ペンもあるね

Monday, April 03, 2006



Sunday, April 02, 2006



Saturday, April 01, 2006


じゃ、キャンプ/トレッキングの小さい旅行から帰りました。一つの印象は。。。寒かった!寝袋は-5℃まで良いけど、もう寒かった。やっぱりキノコを採りたかったが、寒すぎから、無理みたいでした。残念。でも良いところもありました。一つは星と月がきれいでした。後は、面白い動物の声を聞こえました。最初は犬と思ったが、犬よりこの音は(hmmm... how do I say "regular", in the sense of "periodic" and "unaltering")でした。一時間聞いたから、1am,2amまで聞こえたから、「あっ!フクロウかも」と思いました。こんな音でした。(from www.peregrynne.com)